Get the highest quality Water and Ice on the market!


Water and Ice Filtration System
Twelve-stage Water Filtration System


Water is processed through the 12-stage filtration system displayed above.


We provide Purified, Ozonated, and Alkaline water for improved taste and health.


It is the cleanest, purest and freshest water available because:

  • It is always your bottle
  • Your bottle gets rinsed with our Ozonated water to help kill bacteria naturally vs. fill stations where you fill and refill but never rinse
  • Your bottle is filled in front of you so you don’t have to wonder:
    • Where your water came from
    • If it was filtered correctly
    • How long it sat in a warehouse
    • How long before it was shipped to your local store
    • How long it sat in the store before it was purchased


Our ICE is the best ice in town because it is:

  • Filtered from our in-store purification system
  • Sent directly to our on-site ice making machine
  • Bagged daily
  • Not made, stored, transferred, or stocked elsewhere


We take orders for ice with 48 – 72 hours notice depending

upon the time of year and amount of ice needed.

Discounts applied on large orders of ice for pick up.




We also deliver both Water and Ice.  

Call us at 303-254-9800.